Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. is a complete retail garden center with over 700 varieties of shade, ornamental, evergreen and fruit trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. Our team of designers and green thumbs can help add layers of color and vibrance to your outdoor living environments.


  • Trees

    From bareroot to balled and burlapped, our top-notch trees come ready to plant. We will provide the knowledge on how to install and care for your new trees.

  • Shrubs

    If privacy is the priority or you’re simply looking for a shrub with beautiful blooms, we will help you find the perfect shrub to reach your landscaping goals. First time planting? We are happy to give you the information to confidently install and maintain your new plants.

  • Perennials

    We carry a wide variety of sun and shade loving perennials that will add seasonal interest to your landscaping by blooming at different times during the season. Plant them once and watch them return year after year looking more beautiful than ever.

  • Greenhouse

    Welcome spring to your home while adding beauty, fullness and flare to your planters. Our annual plant selection is diverse and full of vibrant colors. Liven up your indoor living space while improving the air quality by displaying houseplants to the spaces that look just a little too bare. Our greenhouse is open year round to keep adding bits of plant happiness to your home anytime you desire.

  • Landscape Supply

    Whether you’re updating your existing landscaping or are starting from scratch, we have the items you’ll need to get the job done. Rock, mulch, and screened black dirt are available in bulk as well as landscaping fabric and edging. Need a larger order but don’t have the means to haul yourself? Ask us about our delivery option.

  • Garden Store

    Nothing is better than growing your own food. We have a large selection of vegetables and herbs to keep your garden full and luscious all season. Noticing your garden has unwanted pests or is missing some nutrients? Stop by our Garden store to pick up the must haves for keeping your garden healthy and thriving.

  • Pottery & Décor

    No matter what your style is, we have the perfect accents to add to your home. We carry a large variety of outdoor and indoor pots as well as beautiful décor.

Nursery Staff

Our nursery staff has the green thumb experience and know-how to help beautify your home's entryway, landscape, or outdoor living environment. Whether you're looking for colorful, seasonal potted arrangements, or need pointers for your do-it-yourself landscape project, we're here to help.

  • Daemon Coughlin, Oakridge Nursery
    Daemon Coughlin

    Daemon has been with Oakridge Nursery since he could walk. After earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Landscape Design from South Dakota State University in 1999, he was promoted to a landscape designer and has been planning residential projects and commercial developments since. Daemon specializes in decks, gazebos, ponds and patios and is recognized as a South Dakota Certified Nurseryman.

  • Annette Scheffer, Oakridge Nursery
    Annette Scheffer

    Annette is a well-seasoned employee. She is our store manager and oversees the ordering of products for the store including annuals, gardening products and much more. She has many years of experience that aid her to assist in any area of our store. Our nursery cats can always count on her to spoil them and bring them tuna.

  • Julie Schwint, Oakridge Nursery
    Julie Schwint

    Julie has been with Oakridge Nursery since 2002. She started with the focus of growing, maintaining, and selling perennials but has since adapted the Business operations manager position. She can be found working all over the store and is happy to welcome everyone to the nursery with a friendly conversation. In her free time, she loves to go fishing with her husband Ron.

  • Amanda Schwint, Oakridge Nursery
    Amanda Schwint

    Amanda started working at Oakridge Nursery as a part-time seasonal employee when she was in high school. She received her Biology degree with an emphasis in Ecology from Augustana University in May 2020. As the years progressed, her part-time position at Oakridge blossomed into a year-round full-time position. Amanda now specializes in growing and selling perennials. When she is not working, Amanda enjoys caring for her collection of various succulents and snake plants.


Events & Specials


Over the years, our annual events have grown into family traditions. Oakridge offers specials for occasions such as Mother’s Day in May and our Fall Harvest Festival in October. View the complete lineup of events and specials.

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