Yes, you can still plant in fall.

Although it isn’t officially fall until late September, once school starts we know we all start to transition seasons.

The leaves start changing and the temperatures get a little lower, giving us more energy to get things done we’ve been putting off during the 90+ degree days. 

So what about installing new plants?

Believe it or not, fall is an incredible time to get your planting done. The soil is still warm while the air is cooling down which allows the plant to focus on root development. 

Trees and shrubs can be planted through October, whereas perennials should be planted by the first part of October to give them enough time to establish their roots before hitting freezing temperatures.

While fall is often cooler and rainy, newly installed plants shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to watering, especially if it is hot, dry or windy. Before you pull your hoses in for the winter, Continue to water perennials once a week (1 gallon), shrubs once every 7-10 days (3-5 Gallons) and trees once every 10-14 days (5-7 Gallons) until the ground freezes.

Don’t be alarmed when you don’t see growth on your new plants, that’s actually a good thing. We do not recommend using fertilizer past the beginning of August, but would suggest using a root stimulator instead. 

Fall planting is with the intention of root development and getting off to a good start in their new home. Come spring, your plants will grow as if they’re already had a full season under their belt.

What about mums? 

Well, mums are a little tricky to overwinter in the midwest (Yes, even Hardy Mums).  They add great color in your planters after the summer annuals are done thriving.  However, if you plan on planting them in the ground, make sure to plant early and add a protective barrier around the base of the plant with mulch or leaves to insulate the root system during the winter months.

In fact, we recommend adding a layer of mulch around the base of all plants for extra insulation, even established plants benefit from the protection.

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