Planning Season

By oakridge
March 5th 2024

It’s planning season!

With the incredible weather we’ve been having this year, we are all chomping at the bit to get our hands in the dirt. While we wait for a safe time to plant, (the average last frost in our area is around May 12th) we can start to prepare for the upcoming season.


Start Your Cleanup Now
It may be too early to start planting, however we can take advantage of the weather by getting outside and cleaning up our yards. Now is a great time to prune trees and shrubs, cut back perennials and grasses left from last season.

Get Inspiration
Take a stroll through the greenhouse. It’s not only uplifting to get a fresh scent of plants and soil but you may also find inspiration for the perfect annual planter.

Select Your Seeds
While we still have a little time before we should officially start seeds, now is the perfect time to decide what you’re wanting to grow from seed this year. Stop by and peek at the different varieties of seeds we carry and pick what will best fit what you’re wanting to achieve.

Educate Yourself
Have you been having the same issue year after year in your garden or landscape? Talk with one of our green thumb experts about what you’re experiencing in preparation for success this year. 

Contact Our Landscaping Office
If it’s been a goal to refresh your landscaping, now is the perfect time to contact our landscaping office for the 2024 season.

Get On Our Maintenance Schedule
Our maintenance team will be starting spring clean ups any day now. If you’re wanting to take the labor and heavy lifting off of your to-do list, contact Laura with our maintenance division. We can help freshen up your landscaping for the spring, or all season long with routine visits.


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