Settling Into Crisp Weather

By oakridge
August 31st 2023

Fall is in the air and we are preparing our lawns and landscape to transition into the beautiful autumn colors that we all love! We have many blooming fall plants and flowers that will continue to flourish in the cooler months. We encourage our customers to think from the inside out – as the air gets crisper, you’ll be spending more time inside. What are the blooming items that you want to see from your window?

For plants that will provide the most fall color, we recommend Maple Trees, Burning Bush, Dogwood and Sumac for color that will last late into the fall. Ornamental Grasses, Asters and Mums* also have a beautiful palette and can be found at Oakridge.

*Mums generally do not overwinter well in our zone but work as an annual.

You still have time to plant these fall beauties in your landscape – you can plant trees and shrubs until the snow flies! As long as you can dig a hole and the plants are dormant, there is no shock to the plant. We recommend a cutoff date for planting to be early October.

It’s great to have color for every season incorporated into your landscape; especially in the spring after a long midwest winter! Lilac, Forsythia and Rhododendron have a beautiful spring color. Serviceberry and Autumn Blaze Pear are exceptional ornamental trees that offer spring blossoms and fall color!

Our Annual Fall Sale is in full swing! We’ve got sales on perennials, trees, shrubs and more!

Stop out for our Fall Harvest Festival on September 30, from 8am-5pm, for fall fun and excellent savings from the Annual Fall Sale!


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