Spring is Here!

By oakridge
April 12th 2021

After what seemed to be an awfully long, cold and snowy winter, spring is finally here!  Now it’s time to take a peek in the garden and get our hands dirty.

Although it is still early, there are some things you can do in the yard to get a head start on the season. If you did not prune and cutback your shrubs or perennials last fall, now is the time.  All perennials can be cut back to the ground to clean up last year’s foliage.  This helps keep the plants healthy and free of disease and bug problems.  Any summer blooming shrubs could also use a good “haircut” to reshape and keep them looking healthy.  Lilacs and any other early spring blooming plants should not be pruned at this time.  These plants set their flower buds in the fall, so if they are trimmed now they will not bloom this spring.

Now is also a great time to spruce up your landscaping.  Adding new mulch to planting beds will give your landscaping a fresh new look for the season.   Applying a pre-emergent to your landscape now will help prevent unwanted weed growth later in the spring.  This works by preventing any seeds from germinating while not harming any existing plants.  For best results apply now and again in about 6 weeks.

Although everybody is wanting to get to the yard, it is still a little early to do too much. Some raking and light maintenance is ok, but you should wait on fertilizer and crabgrass prevention.  The soil temps are too cold for the grass to take up any of the nutrients yet and with our usual heavy spring rains the fertilizer could be washed away before it is used.

As we move through the spring and the temps warm up, we will be able to do more and more in the garden. So be patient and stop out to the Nursery to get your preview of spring and planning done for the year to come.

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