Pro-Tips for New Plant Parents

By oakridge
August 15th 2019

Growing plants inside can be fun and easy.  There are a variety of house plants to fit any location in your home or office. Also if you have the space there are several tropical fruits and flowers that will work indoors.

Indoor plants add beauty to any home or business.  They have a calming affect on the senses and also cleanse the air by taking in CO2 and giving off oxygen and humidity to help with the dry winter air inside the home.

To be successful with indoor plants there are four basic needs that must be met:  light, water, food and soil.  The soil that you use should be a sterile potting mix.  Soil from the garden should not be used because of the insects, fungus, weed seeds, and disease that are present in normal soil.

Water is probably one of the most important factors in having a successful indoor garden.  One of the biggest issues is over watering.  Most plants do not like to sit in wet soil, they like moist well drained soil.  This means that you want any extra water to be able to drain away from the roots.  If the plant stays too wet the roots will rot and by the time you notice the plant struggling it is usually too late.


Fertilizing depends on the growth rate of the plant and the time of year.  A cactus or slower growing plant is going to use less fertilizer than a faster more lush plant.  Also you do not need to fertilize as much in winter because there is less light and therefore not as much growth.  A general rule is to fertilize about once every 2-3 months with a slow release fertilize.


Most indoor plants require as much indirect light as possible.  They should be placed near a south, east, or west window.  Try not to put them directly against the window to avoid damage from cold temps in the winter months.  Finally the most important advice I can give on indoor plants is ask questions and have fun with it.  If you are not sure on what to do there is always an expert available at your local garden center.

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