Lighten Up Your Landscape

By oakridge
November 15th 2018

With the time change a little over a week ago, it is almost pitch black when we get off work and finally arrive at home.  The house and yard are dark and uninviting, and you can’t see and enjoy all of the hard work that you’ve done to the yard all summer long.  Landscape lighting can change that.

Low voltage accent lighting is an excellent way to show off your house and garden as well as provide safety and security.  Whether you have a simple house or an extravagant landscape and house with many architectural features, lighting can completely change the look of any property.

With just a couple different fixtures you can create several appealing affects.  A simple path or garden light should be simple and blend into the landscape during the day.  It should have a light shield that only allows you to see the effect of the light but not the source.  Some fixtures can put out a 12’ diameter circle of light on the ground.  These fixtures can be used to light a path or simply an area in your garden.

Spot or flood lights can be used in several different applications.  Whether lighting up certain architectural features on the house or highlighting an ornamental tree, one fixture can be used in several ways.  Put a spot tight against the house and aim it straight up for a simple highlight of brick, stone, or simply the corner of the house.  Another way to use the spot is to mount it high in the canopy of a tree and aim it down through the branches for a moonlight effect on the ground.

When choosing accent lighting there are a few things to look for.  Fixtures should be made of a sturdy rust proof metal that will remain water tight.  Plastic fixtures, although less expensive, will only last a couple years and will then need to be replaced.  Connectors should be a direct connection to the wires with a silicone filler to keep them water tight.  Snap fittings that push metal prongs into the wire do not last, the prongs corrode and do not maintain a good connection to the main wire.  If you follow these simple suggestions you will have a stunning lighting scheme that will last for many years to come.  And as always, feel free to ask a landscape professional for help and advice.

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