Succulent & Cactus Care Tips

By oakridge
May 15th 2018

Warm, summer weather, is primetime for growing succulents and cacti! We answered some commonly asked questions to help you have a successful planting and growing season. We have everything that you will need to begin your planting – from pottery and soil to a wide variety of succulents and cacti for you to pick from. We even have a potting bench at the nursery where one of our experts can help you pick the perfect succulents and cacti for your planter.

How do you know when to water your succulents and cacti?
Succulents and cacti like to be hot and dry and they prefer to have deep watering versus drinks of water every couple days. So that means before you water, feel the soil, and if the soil is completely dry, your succulent is ready for water. How much you need to water will depend on the location of your succulents, if they are outdoors and out in the hot sun you may have to water every 3-4 days. If your succulents and cacti are indoors and in a bright location you may have to water once a week or less. Always make sure the soil is completely dry before you water!

How do you know when you’re overwatering your succulents and cacti?
If you are overwatering your succulents and cacti you will see a change in color, leaves dropping, or the leaves will appear ‘mushy’. Remember you are far better off to underwater versus over watering!

What’s the difference between thrillers, spillers and fillers and why is it important to include one of each when planting multiple succulents in one pot?
We like to start planters by using a succulent that will be the ‘thriller’ meaning it will grow nice and tall to add height to your planter. Then, the next succulent we look for is the ‘spiller’ a succulent that will grow nicely down the planter. Lastly, we look for a succulent that will be a ‘filler’, the filler succulent will fill the pot out nicely.

What are some succulent/cactus soil specifics?
The best soil to use for succulents and cacti is a Cactus Ready-To-Use-Potting Mix. Cactus soil is made up of ingredients like sand and peat moss that will help dry the soil out when watered. We carry cactus soil and cacti fertilizer at Oakridge that is great to use on succulents and cacti. This helps your plants get all the nutrients they need for growing and blooming!

How do I repot my cactus without poking myself?
We like to use gloves and salad tongs!

What are your tips for succulent propagation? When do I know to repot the propagated leaves?
Propagating succulents is a lot easier than it sounds! Simply cut off a leaf or gently twist one off, then let it dry out for 1 – 3 days so the leaf will scab over. Then, lay the leaf on top of the cactus soil and mist the leaf when the soil is dry. The leaf will begin to grow roots and new leaves within a few weeks, after this happens, you can go ahead and plant the leaves and roots into the soil.

What are some of the best selling succulents that Oakridge offers?
The best selling succulents are String of Pearls, Burro’s Tail, Hens and Chicks, Aloe, and Echiveria. We have a wide variety of succulents and cacti to choose from!


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