Enjoying the Beauty of Spring at Oakridge

By oakridge
April 10th 2018

Are you questioning the arrival of Spring? Wondering when we’ll officially leave Winter behind? We are too and that’s why our greenhouse is in full bloom! We are stocked with hanging baskets, succulents, annuals and perennials, and much more! Our retail store is carrying new brands of products that are on trend and fun for your home, or at the office.

Some new products that we are excited about in the greenhouse this season are houseplants and cactus plants. We have a variety of pre-assembled succulent and cactus planters for you to choose from, whether you’re shopping for yourself, or want to pick up a gift for a friend, teacher or family member. If you’re new to growing succulents or cactus plants, we recommend watering once every week and a half to two weeks. It’s important to remember that the soil needs to be completely dry before watering your plant again. We have a wide assortment of new small pottery in this year, that has the draining hole at the bottom of the pottery to ensure that your plant is able to completely dry out between waterings.

As we anticipate warmer weather and setting our plants outside, a safe temperature to do so is 45-50° F, making sure that the plants are able to get some shade during the day. Fun fact: the leaves of your succulent can get a sunburn, just like human skin can! Other vegetables, flowers and plants that should be planted in April are bareroot trees, asparagus, seed potatoes and cool season vegetables (i.e. carrots, kale, broccoli and onions, just to name a few).

Until Spring finally makes its grand appearance, come and enjoy the beauty of Spring indoors!


Succulent Wire Hanging Basket
Price: $44.90

Hanging Bottle with Blackboard Vase
Price: $14.95

Succulent Creation Planters
Price: $29.95

Vintage Acorn Lantern
Price: $34.95

Self-Watering Herb Kit
Price: $22.95

Plant Mister
Price: $7.95

Route 66 Succulent Planter
Price: $28.90

Cement Pear
Price: Small $5.95, Large $6.95

Assorted Small Pottery
Price: $12.95 & Up

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