Fall Lawn and Gardening Guidelines

By oakridge
September 13th 2017

Fall is here and that means it is time to start thinking about how we can spruce up our gardens and landscapes with a little fall color. Check out these guidelines to keep your lawn and garden looking beautiful throughout the fall months.

Oakridge Nursery’s Fall Lawn and Gardening Guidelines
#1 – Water often and early in the
Warm, sunny days and cool nights make fall the primetime for plant root growth. You should still be watering twice a month during mid-late fall for optimal growth. We recommend that you apply an inch at time to help the roots sink down more deeply in the soil. For more tips on best watering practices click here.

#2 – Refresh fertilizer for your pots, garden, and lawn
Chances are that your tired or drooping plants could use a boost of phosphorus – which helps promote full color, blooming, and fruiting.  Annual planters love cool temperatures, so they should perk up when fall comes, but fertilizing them in the beginning of September will give them an extra boost.

At Oakridge, we carry only the finest fertilizer from Fertilome. We have a variety of types on hand, including slow release fertilizer that produces maximum yields slowly, over the course of three months, and fast-acting water-soluble fertilizer, which gets into the root system quickly.

#3 – Lower the cutting height of your lawnmower
Leaving blades of grass at a shorter length will help to reduce the snow mold (aka those pesky, brown spots on your lawn) when the snow melts in the spring.

Lowering your cutting height weekly, about 1/4 – 1/3″ so that your grass is about 2″ in length, will keep your grass short over the winter and have it growing back lush and green once spring rolls around.

#4 – Prune to shape – but only lightly
Take time to make some thoughtful cuts in order to better shape bushes, shrubs or trees for thicker and more well placed foliage, but only do so lightly. Once the plants go dormant, a heavier pruning can be done.

#5 – Plant trees
One of the best times to plant shrubs and trees is during late summer and into fall. This is when the trees are dormant, which will keep the tree stress free so it handles the transfer easily.

#6 – Add colorful blooms
If some of your annuals are looking tired, replace them with colorful fall classics like: mums, pansies, sunflowers, asters, shrub roses or kale – all of which can better handle cool nights.

For more information about fall cutback, click here to download Oakridge Nursery’s Shrub Pruning Schedule.

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