Summer Plant Care

Check out these general summer care tips to make sure your lawn, garden and trees stay healthy and green all summer long. It has been a hot season, and now, more than ever, you need to make sure your garden and home landscape are getting the proper attention.

General Summer Season Tips

  • Stake larger varieties of perennials such as delphiniums
  • Begin leaf spot control on tomato plants and stake young tomato plants; late staking contributes to blossom end rot
  • Tie climbing roses to trellises
  • Perform last picking of rhubarb at the end of the month to allow roots to store energy for the next season
  • Mulch you garden after the soil has warmed up later in the month
  • Fertilize lawns, flowers, and gardens
  • Continue weeding
  • Prune and shape new growth on arborvitae, juniper, and yew
  • Trim evergreens and hedges
  • Prune pines, spruce, and fir trees early to mid June
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