Fertilize When Temps Rise for Higher Yields

The dog days of summer, when temperatures reach their peak, are here. Help save your drooping flowers from the heat of summer by being proactive, and get the best yield possible from your plants by refreshing the fertilizer in your pots, garden and lawn.

At Oakridge Nursery, we carry only the finest fertilizer from Fertilome. We have a variety of types on hand, including slow release fertilizer, which produces maximum yields slowly, over the course of three months, and fast-acting water soluble fertilizer, which gets into the root system quickly.

This time of year, your tired plants could use a boost of phosphorus to promote full color, blooming and fruiting well into the fall! We have the know-how and the fertilizer you need to do just that.

Give your garden, plants and lawn the boost they need, and maximize their performance during July and August, when the summer sun is hottest.

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