Holiday Porch Pots

By oakridge
November 14th 2016

At Oakridge Nursery & Landscaping, we know that when the cold weather finally arrives, decorating creativity can run dry. While multi-colored lights brighten up your humble abode during the night hours, what is adorning your front porch during the day?

Porch pot planters can be the answer to sprucing your home up and making you the spectacle of the street – day and night. The great thing about porch pots is that they are easy to transition throughout every season. Whether you are looking to purchase a one-of-a-kind porch pot from Oakridge, or you’re prepared to assemble one on your own, we have you covered!

Sometimes gardening can get a bit confusing, that’s why we answered some commonly asked questions regarding porch pots:

 Where do our designers find inspiration?
With every changing season, comes along new styles and trends. We keep up our inspiration fresh and up to date by utilizing social media platforms – especially Pinterest! We also pay close attention to what our customers are asking for. 

 What’s special about customizing porch pots?
When customizing our porch pots, we always include a personal touch based off of what our customer enjoys. Whether it’s nature, or something that glitters and is bright and colorful, it’s our job to make sure that every pot is as unique as the customer ordering it.

 What extra fillers should I use in my pot?
Some of our personal favorite items to add to porch pots are birch poles, dogwood, and pheasant feathers.

 What makes Oakridge porch pot seminars so unique?
One thing that differentiates our porch pot seminars from competitors, is that we show you each step that goes into creating your own pot. After adding the fresh greens, the customer can add their own personal flair using anything we have on hand. Having everyone use their own creativity allows each porch pot to take on its own personality!

How do I care for a porch pot?
Generally, porch pots contain fresh greens that are in a pot of sand. After purchasing or creating your porch pot, all you will need to do is add water to the planter (yes, we know this may sound strange), and when the wet sand freezes, it will hold your greens in place!

What do Oakridge’s seminars cost?
Our porch pot seminars are $30.00 per person. This price includes: a 10” pot and all the greens to create and customize your own porch pot. *Make sure to pack your pruning shears and gardening gloves, because you will be gardening like a pro when the seminar is over!

 When are Oakridge’s porch pot seminars?
Our porch pot seminars will be held at Oakridge Nursery and Landscaping on Saturday, November 19th at 10:00 am and Sunday, November 20th at 1:00pm.

For more information about our seminars, or to RSVP for our upcoming porch pot seminars, call Oakridge at (605) 582-6565 .
To see some of our pre-assembled porch pots, and download our Holiday Sneak Peek coupons, see below.


South Dakota Hunter Porch Pot – $44.95 & Up*
*Decorative planter is not included in price
Jingle Bells Porch Pot – $44.95 & Up*
*Decorative planter is not included in price
Frosted Berry Porch Pot – $69.95*
*Decorative planter is not included in price
Glitzy Glam Porch Pot – $44.95 & Up*
*Decorative planter is not included in price

Cranberry Spice Porch Pot – $44.95 & Up
Hot Chocolate Porch Pot – $44.95 & Up
Porch Pot Fillers – $4.95-$6.25 per bunch
Hanging Terrariums – $15.95-$38.95*
*items within terrariums not included
Assorted South Dakota Holiday Wines – $15.95 per bottle
Birch Jar Hangers – $12.95

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