Fall Maintenance Tips

By oakridge
September 12th 2016

As the colors change and the weather turns crisp, it’s time head outside to tackle a few fall chores. At Oakridge Nursery, we’re all about making winter (and next spring) more pleasant for you, which means a little work now will save you a lot of time later!

Oakridge Nursery’s Fall Maintenance Tips

#1 – Clip Your Perennials
Wait until the tops of your perennials have died off and then clip them back. This is key to having your perennials grow back healthy and hearty next spring!

#2 – Don’t Cut Back Blooming Shrubs
Blooming shrubs, such as Lilacs, set buds in the fall for early spring blooms. It is best to prune these shrubs in the late summer or after they are done blooming in the spring – not in the fall. If you cut them back in the fall, you run the risk of limiting next year’s beautiful blossoms.

#3 – Keep Watering
Even though it is colder outside, water the perennials, shrubs and trees in your landscaping! During this time of year, up until the ground freezes, the roots will continue to grow and store food for next spring.

#4 – Nix The High Nitrogen Fertilizer
The plants in your landscaping need to slowly shut down and prepare for hibernation. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer will encourage new growth and not let the plant prepare for winter properly. Our recommendation is to never use high nitrogen fertilizer after August.

#5 – Do Your Chores
There is no deadline for fall cutback; however, we recommend getting it done before the snow flies. If chores like this aren’t your thing, we would be happy to handle fall cleanup for you. Just call the specialists at Oakridge and we’ll book a time to come cleanup your yard.

For more information about fall cutback, click here to download Oakridge Nursery’s Shrub Pruning Schedule.

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