Planting in September

The fall climate offers cooler temperatures that are less harsh on newly planted perennials and trees.

Perennials planted in the fall have time to develop a strong root system before winter temperatures arrive, and, because their root system will already be developed, they’ll bloom earlier than perennials that are planted next spring.

The month of September is also the best time to install sod and seed new lawns because of the long, cool nights. Read below for more tips that will help you get the most out of your lawn and garden this fall.

General Fall Season Care Tips

  • Plant perennials.  Fall installations gives plants time to develop a strong root system; most perennial plants flower in the spring, but if planted then, they may not bloom the first year.
  • Split and replant bulbs that have become overgrown.  Dig up the bulb after the foliage has died and allow bulbs to thoroughly dry. (After drying, the bulbs can be split and replanted.)
  • Cut perennials to the ground after hard frost and use foliage for compost.
  • Gather newly fallen leaves for mulch and compost use.
  • Dig summer blooming bulbs after the first killing frost and save for next planting season.

September Care Tips Checklist

  • Take advantage of fall’s cooler weather by planting trees, shrubs, and evergreens; use root stimulating fertilizer to promote root growth.
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs and work bone meal into bottom of planting holes for better growth.
  • Divide and replant perennials such as peonies and irises.
  • Continue to water young trees and shrubs as needed.
  • Cooler and longer nights make this month a great time to seed new lawns, patch bare spots, and install sod (there’s also less weed competition in the fall). Typically seed before September 15
  • Plant chrysanthemums, pansies, asters, and flowering kale for fall color.
  • Apply weed killer and fertilizer for fall lawn care (not to newly seeded areas).
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