Spring Planting in Quarantine

By oakridge
April 30th 2020

Spring is finally here and now more than ever is the opportunity to spend some time in your yard and garden.  The last month has been like nothing we have ever seen before and without all of the usual activities to keep us busy, there is a lot more time spent looking out the window at our landscape.  Let’s take advantage of that extra time and do a few projects like plant a tree or start a garden.

Right now is the best time to plant a bare root tree or shrub.  Bare root trees are just like the name suggests, they have been dug up when dormant and the soil has been removed from the roots.  The advantage of buying bare root is that you don’t have to haul a heavy pot of soil home or pay for that pot and soil.  Large shade and fruit trees are some of the most popular bare root purchases.

If you’ve always wanted to try a garden, now is the time.  Although it’s a little early for the tomatoes and other bedding plants, there are some cold hardy crops that can be started.  Seed potatoes, carrots and lettuce can handle the colder temps and are ready to go at any time.  Annual flower pots and baskets need to wait until Mother’s Day before it is safe to put them outside.

Most garden centers are still open during the COVID epidemic and doing everything we can to keep our employees and customers safe.  I know that as the weather warms up everyone is going to want to be out and about and wander through the flowering plants in the greenhouse but we would ask you to use our online tools and call us with questions before you come out.  Hopefully we can get through this sooner than later and get back to normal.  Until then, spend that extra time enjoying your garden and always contact your local nursery professional with any questions.

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